Here are most popular dating apps for gays

Here we provide you with the best dating applications used by gay men- in different languages, all across the globe.

  1. Grindr

This application is known to be the largest gay social network, and according to some sources, around 2 million people use this application everyday. This is the most common application used in US, UK, Indonesia, France, Brazil, and Australia. This application divides into tribes and you can search for users on the basis of your location according to the tribe. The photos can be easily sent in chat and you can give a very short description to your profile as per your wish.

  1. BoyAhoy

This application has marked itself as the global network for meeting gay men. This application allows you to find people within your reach and you can also get to know who all viewed your profile. Not only this, you can buy gifts, send gifts and because of the user friendly nature, browsing through others’ profiles becomes really easy. If you are willing to use some premium features, you can do that by paying more. This application is available to its users in more than fifteen languages, some of them being Swedish, Russian and Korean.

  1. Planet Romeo

This application is more focused on bi/gay male and transgender communities. This application allows you to classify your photos in different categories- illegal, soft core, non sexual, some skin and hardcore. This application allows you to keep your location private and you can also set your location in advance if you are planning to travel. This application is popularly used in Kenya and India.

  1. Scruff

This application exchanges around 60 million messages every week. Scruff has recently come with a new feature known as “Venture” which allows you to connect with guys who are travelling in future or are arriving. You can swipe through the profiles of other users and based on that, this application understands your preference.

  1. Blued

This application was launched in the year 2012, and till date, it has around 15 million users worldwide. This application allows you to chat, exchange photos, emojis and audio messages. If you want to create a group to chat, chat rooms are made available for the users to do so. This application is mostly used in China. On the screen, you will also see a red ribbon icon and this icon gives you information about safe sex and STD.

5 Apps for Live- Streaming Video

Want to live stream the videos? Here are the top 5 apps you can use for this purpose. These apps allow you to broadcast the videos live.


Periscope live streaming app is now owned by the social media giant Twitter. It is indeed one of the best live streaming apps you can find. It allows you to share the live stream privately with a few people or publicly with everyone. This app can be used on the iOS and Android devices. While Periscope app  is not available yet, there are workarounds that help you get it on your computer.



Facebook is the most widely used social media platform worldwide and it offers its users many exciting features including the ability to live stream the videos. This feature has been added only recently and is already being used by millions. You can start live streaming on Facebook using your mobile or PC web camera. The moment your video starts your Facebook friends get a notification.



Streamup is another app you can use to live stream the videos. What’s more amazing is that it makes the live streaming very interactive. You can also make your videos look better with several overlays, filters, and other features. The app is completely free and there is a way to monetize your live videos too. So, you can earn money while being live. Isn’t that great?



If you are looking for a more advanced and professional broadcast app then you can go for Livestream. This app is packed with tons of features that make it a perfect choice for many users. But, do remember that the advanced features come for a price, which is $42 every month. This price may be very high for those who just want to live stream the videos for fun.


This is a free live streaming app available only on the iOS devices. This app lets you live stream the videos through Twitter. There is a version for Android as well but you can only watch the videos and not broadcast them. Meerkat videos cannot be saved by the viewers.

Top 3 free calling apps to make audio & video calls

Smartphones and handheld devices are everywhere. The advancements in the handheld computing technology have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other today. If you have even a basic smartphone and acceptable quality internet you can get in touch with any person in any corner of the world. Not only can you make voice calls but you can also talk to them over the video call. Thankfully, a number of video calling apps have been introduced and they offer high quality and top performance. There are several video calling apps to choose from. Here is the list of some of the most frequently used apps.


Apple FaceTime

If you are the user of iPhone or for that matter any iOS handheld device or Mac OSX, there is a good chance you must have already used FaceTime video calling app developed by Apple Inc. FaceTime is a video calling app exclusive to the Apple device users. In fact, when the iOS users have to make a video call, they synonymise it with ‘FaceTime.’ But you need to have one of the compatible Apple devices to be able to use this app. FaceTime is extremely well designed. It has a very simple and clean looking interface. It is pretty fast and quite easy to use. It comes packed with a number of smart features making it one of the most desired video calling apps.

Facebook Messenger

FaceTime is pretty popular among the Apple device users. But Facebook messenger has its own place. It is more popularly known as just ‘Messenger’. It allows you to make video calls to all the people who are connected to you on Facebook. You can also use the in-built Facebook messenger app on the PC to make video calls using your browser. This app is also pretty well built and quite easy to use. Besides video calling, you can also chat and send pictures and videos to the Facebook friends.


Is it even possible to not mention Skype when we are talking about video calling? This app has been around for the longest time and needs no introduction. It is indeed one of the most popular video calling and chatting apps. Just about everyone who makes video calls also uses Skype.

iMessage for Windows with Tips and Tricks

iMessage is one of the best messaging apps there is. Everyone seems to want to use it. Unfortunately, this app has been developed by Apple exclusively for the OSX and iOS users. It means that you can use this app only if you have an iPhone or iPad or a Mac computer. If you are a Windows PC user who wants to use iMessage, there is no official way to do it. But that’s not the end of it.


There are some really effective workarounds available to make the Apple exclusive apps work on the Windows platform. So, here is your chance to get iMessage on your Windows based Laptop or PC.


How to use iMessage on Windows PC

So, officially speaking you cannot get iMessage for PC . But thankfully, we have a workaround that works really well. What all you need to make this happen is an emulator and everything else will fall in place.


One of the best emulators for OSX or iOS is iPadian. It is one of the most trusted emulators as well. You can be certain that it will not install any malware or virus on your computer discreetly. If you have a good windows PC, with agreeable configuration, you will also not see any impact on the performance.


So go ahead and download this emulator. Launch it and you will see that your interface looks quite like that of OSX for Mac. You will also be able to see the dock around the bottom of the screen. Use the search bar to look up for ‘iMessage.’ Install the app and locate it in the iPadian drawer.


You will now have iMessage app on your Windows  PC.


Some Tips and Tricks

 Here are some tips and tricks to enrich your iMessage experience:

imessage tricks

  • If you have been chatting with a friend for a long time and have exchanged lots of photos, it might seem difficult to find the specific photos they have sent to you. But, when you are on their chat screen just click on details and you will see all the photos you received from them.
  • The video and voice messages get deleted after 2 minutes once you have opened them. But you can change the settings to keep them forever.

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Shareit For Android- Download Guide To Share Files

SHAREit by far is the most widely used file transferring app available today. It is also the most used sharing app for the Android platform. Almost all the smartphone users have this app on their phones. This means that that they can transfer files at any time on the go. Isn’t this really amazing?

Thank to the new file sharing apps, sharing the files between devices has become very easy. Not only can you transfer the files from one handheld device to another, you can also transfer between handheld and PC as well as between two PCs


How to download the file on the Android Device?

Before you can use this app on your Android phone, you will need to first download it. SHAREit is a trusted app and is available on Google Playstore. This means that it is very easy to download and use this app. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Open Playstore on your Android Phone
  • Tap the search field
  • Type SHAREit in the search field
  • You will be able to see the app in the search results
  • Follow the normal process to download and install the app to your phone

How does it work?

Once SHAREit is installed on your phone tap the icon to open it. You may need to set the app up after following some simple steps. You will see that the layout of the app is very simple and thus it is very easy to use it. On the home screen you will see the option to ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ depending upon what you want to do.

You will also see a small button featuring the avatar you chose while setting up the app on the top right corner. Tapping that icon will pop up the settings. On the top-left corner you will see the ‘Invite’ button. You can use it to establish connection with other SHAREit users.

Depending upon whether you want to send or receive, you will be required to build connection with the other device. You can scan the devices near you or you can use the QR scan code for the same.

Top Facetime Alternatives Which You Surely Can’t Miss

Facetime is one of the best Video Calling apps right now. It’s a relatively new app in the market being only 4 years old but its clean UI and awesome features such as 720p HD video calling has won many hearts in this short time.

Disadvantages of using Facetime app is it isonly available on Apple Devices so you can’t connect with your contacts who do not have an apple device.


But relax, you may not want to use the original app, there are plenty of other Video Calling apps available in the market which work as fine as the original software. So if you don’t have an Apple product then you can use this Facetime Alternatives and don’t forget you cannot download Facetime for PC so just stop searching for its Apk or some cheat hacks, if we come to know about the procedure to download Facetime on pc we would surely do a write up on our blog regarding the same-

Facetime Alternatives

  1. ICQ


ICQ is one of the lesser known services in this list. Chances are that you have probably never heard about them. But with my experience, I can say that they are good enough to be considered a Facetime alternatives.

ICQ offers personal video calls as well as group chats, and HD calling. Plus you can also use it as a text messenger. The app has a few rough edges but they do not affect the quality of service.

Download from Playstore

  1. LINE


LINE is one of the most popular instant messaging app all over the world. And recently they have introduced video calling for all its users and it’s completely free.

The feature is still relatively new and the app developers are more focused on the Instant messaging service, still if you are looking for a basic video calling app which consumes less data then you should give Line a shot.

Download from Playstore

  1. Tango


Tango is really a fun app when it comes to video calling. The app aims to become the perfect messaging app so it offers not only video calling but text messaging and voice calling as well.

Also, an interesting feature of this app is known as Discover. This feature helps you to find people with similar interests and you can chat with them to know more about them.

Download from Playstore

  1. Viber


Viber was originally started as a free calling app but it has covered a long road since then. The developers are very innovative people and their personality seems to reflect on the product.

Currently, you can do Voice calls, Text chat and yeah video calling as well. But not only that, it also has a corner where you can check the latest happenings of the world and it supports Android wear too. Doing all this has paid off for the makers as there are total 600 million users of Viber worldwide.

Download from Playstore

  1. Skype


And finally, if there is a service which you can label as a true alternative for Facetime, then it has to be the perfect blend of all video calling apps – Skype.

The service was started back in 2003 (one year prior to Facebook) and it has been running successfully ever since. The app is available for almost all well-known platforms including Apple devices, windows PC and Android/windows phone as well.

So regardless of which device you are using, you can enjoy the speed and quality of this Microsoft created app without any problem.

Download from Playstore



Do you know any better Facetime alternative? Which one of these alternatives you liked the most? Do tell us in the comments box.

Applications for Editing Your Personal Videos

It is always great fun and excitement to tinker around with videos that too on your phone.  Few years ago videos were edited at the TV Studios for the television channels.  With free or cheap applications available for download and a regular Smartphone you can do it yourself.  With some of the newer applications available in the market like iMovie there is chance that people might mistake it for a professionally prepared video.  Here are few popular Applications when it comes to Personal Video Editing:

iMovie: An iOS application it helps you making a cool clip.  You can add titles, mix videos and pictures and even add music or sound in your clip with a few taps on your iPhone or iPad. You can also download iMovie on computer via an Android emulator mainly Andy or Bluestacks.


Magisto: It works on both Android and iOS and is pretty much a basic Editor which is able to trim, filter and make transitions.  You can also add sound in the background and also experiment with basic Sound Effects. It is quite similar to iMovie.


Montaj: It is quite popular among iOS users and comes free.  You can shoot five second clips then add song, storyboard and fillers to it.


Viddy: Another very basic editor compatible with Android and iOS it helps you shoot a video and then add Music and filters to your video.  This Application is Social Media friendly.


Cute Cut: It only allows you to customize the video with borders, effects, texture and shadows. This is compatible with iOS only.


Qik Video:  This works on iOS and Android Platform.  This Application allows you to record and trim footage.  Like Viddy it allows you to add effects and borders.


Cinefy:  This is one of the best when it comes to basic personal video editors.  You can add music to your video directly from iTunes. In addition, you can add animations to your video from the ones already in the Editor.


What is Tango- How it Works/Download

Tango Messenger is a famous, downloaded over 100 million times and counting mobile app for Android operating system, software for free video calls, voice calls and chats. It does not matter where you are – everything is free, although it is naturally required some connection with the world – and that is of course an Internet connection. Tango is essentially a competitor to Skype. It is available not only on your Android device (this version of the test here), but also on iOS or Windows.


Tango features

Among the many impressive features of the communicator … no, no, once again: Among the many impressive features of the social networking service (yes! Because it is not only communicator) we have the ability to add entries to photos from their own resources or do them from the hand; You can also record a video or create a voice note. Your profile can be carried out in full sense of the word, because you can change your status, level of availability (for example in order. Only friends can see it), load the photos; comment on them, share photos. There we have a search engine friend, but thematic channels, which can be traced. The application is integrated to the famous music subscription service Spotify, and even allows you to play a mini-game.

To use this application you are not needed for setting up the account password; however, we must turn in an application our phone number as well as your name and e-mail. Then you can share the application (i.e. to send an invitation to use it) contacts with our phone book; this step can be omitted.


The program is very powerful, but it can also be a disadvantage (expansion of Tango can be seen as the confusion). What are your expectations? If you care only functions communicator to find other, more transparent applications; you do not have to use Tango, you do NOT have to go back to Skype.


There is a Tango for PC version available as well.


It is required to create an account, including the reference number.



Smartphone’s and the art of editing pictures online- Apps to Download

Photo editing is an art for those who loves getting clicked and capture moment in their camera. In today’s time Smartphone’s comes with extraordinary camera quality which can compete with any other digital camera available in the market. Thus, clicking pictures has become an integral part of everybody’s life (thanks to Smartphone’s and social media), while social media does also play a vital role in making people an addict of taking pictures and posting them online to gather peoples praises.

In this article we will discuss in brief about the top photo editing apps and software’s you can use to enhance your picture capturing art. These apps can make even a simple looking picture elegant and stylish.

Top Photo Edting Apps to Download

 Pixlr express


One of the best app you can download to edit your pictures is “Pixlr express”; this is probably the best amongst a lot as it comes with unique photo editing features. Overall this app is a complete package when it comes to edit pictures, most importantly this app comes for free, and Android users can download this app from the Google Playstore



Another such similar app is “PicsArt” which also comes for free, and also considered as one of the best app when it comes to making a collage, PicsArt is one of the widely popular apps among the Android users, this app is very user-friendly for those who are trying their hands in photo editing arena.


Talking about “Snapseed” which is considered as one the most popular and most downloaded photo editing apps worldwide is a must for those who want to give a professional touch to their photos. This app also comes for free in Google playstore, what makes Snapseed a revolution in the field of photo editing is its availability for PC, though all the above mentioned apps can be downloaded for PC, but Snapseed for PC is exception, it gets better when it comes to using it on PC.



There are many other similar photos editing apps available for free as well as paid, but these above mentioned apps are best in their business, do download these apps and let us know which one is the best according to you.

In our next article we will tell you how to download these apps on your PC/Computer. For more updates keep coming back.