5 Apps for Live- Streaming Video

Want to live stream the videos? Here are the top 5 apps you can use for this purpose. These apps allow you to broadcast the videos live.


Periscope live streaming app is now owned by the social media giant Twitter. It is indeed one of the best live streaming apps you can find. It allows you to share the live stream privately with a few people or publicly with everyone. This app can be used on the iOS and Android devices. While Periscope app  is not available yet, there are workarounds that help you get it on your computer.



Facebook is the most widely used social media platform worldwide and it offers its users many exciting features including the ability to live stream the videos. This feature has been added only recently and is already being used by millions. You can start live streaming on Facebook using your mobile or PC web camera. The moment your video starts your Facebook friends get a notification.



Streamup is another app you can use to live stream the videos. What’s more amazing is that it makes the live streaming very interactive. You can also make your videos look better with several overlays, filters, and other features. The app is completely free and there is a way to monetize your live videos too. So, you can earn money while being live. Isn’t that great?



If you are looking for a more advanced and professional broadcast app then you can go for Livestream. This app is packed with tons of features that make it a perfect choice for many users. But, do remember that the advanced features come for a price, which is $42 every month. This price may be very high for those who just want to live stream the videos for fun.


This is a free live streaming app available only on the iOS devices. This app lets you live stream the videos through Twitter. There is a version for Android as well but you can only watch the videos and not broadcast them. Meerkat videos cannot be saved by the viewers.