Top 3 free calling apps to make audio & video calls

Smartphones and handheld devices are everywhere. The advancements in the handheld computing technology have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other today. If you have even a basic smartphone and acceptable quality internet you can get in touch with any person in any corner of the world. Not only can you make voice calls but you can also talk to them over the video call. Thankfully, a number of video calling apps have been introduced and they offer high quality and top performance. There are several video calling apps to choose from. Here is the list of some of the most frequently used apps.


Apple FaceTime

If you are the user of iPhone or for that matter any iOS handheld device or Mac OSX, there is a good chance you must have already used FaceTime video calling app developed by Apple Inc. FaceTime is a video calling app exclusive to the Apple device users. In fact, when the iOS users have to make a video call, they synonymise it with ‘FaceTime.’ But you need to have one of the compatible Apple devices to be able to use this app. FaceTime is extremely well designed. It has a very simple and clean looking interface. It is pretty fast and quite easy to use. It comes packed with a number of smart features making it one of the most desired video calling apps.

Facebook Messenger

FaceTime is pretty popular among the Apple device users. But Facebook messenger has its own place. It is more popularly known as just ‘Messenger’. It allows you to make video calls to all the people who are connected to you on Facebook. You can also use the in-built Facebook messenger app on the PC to make video calls using your browser. This app is also pretty well built and quite easy to use. Besides video calling, you can also chat and send pictures and videos to the Facebook friends.


Is it even possible to not mention Skype when we are talking about video calling? This app has been around for the longest time and needs no introduction. It is indeed one of the most popular video calling and chatting apps. Just about everyone who makes video calls also uses Skype.