iMessage for Windows with Tips and Tricks

iMessage is one of the best messaging apps there is. Everyone seems to want to use it. Unfortunately, this app has been developed by Apple exclusively for the OSX and iOS users. It means that you can use this app only if you have an iPhone or iPad or a Mac computer. If you are a Windows PC user who wants to use iMessage, there is no official way to do it. But that’s not the end of it.


There are some really effective workarounds available to make the Apple exclusive apps work on the Windows platform. So, here is your chance to get iMessage on your Windows based Laptop or PC.


How to use iMessage on Windows PC

So, officially speaking you cannot get iMessage for PC . But thankfully, we have a workaround that works really well. What all you need to make this happen is an emulator and everything else will fall in place.


One of the best emulators for OSX or iOS is iPadian. It is one of the most trusted emulators as well. You can be certain that it will not install any malware or virus on your computer discreetly. If you have a good windows PC, with agreeable configuration, you will also not see any impact on the performance.


So go ahead and download this emulator. Launch it and you will see that your interface looks quite like that of OSX for Mac. You will also be able to see the dock around the bottom of the screen. Use the search bar to look up for ‘iMessage.’ Install the app and locate it in the iPadian drawer.


You will now have iMessage app on your Windows  PC.


Some Tips and Tricks

 Here are some tips and tricks to enrich your iMessage experience:

imessage tricks

  • If you have been chatting with a friend for a long time and have exchanged lots of photos, it might seem difficult to find the specific photos they have sent to you. But, when you are on their chat screen just click on details and you will see all the photos you received from them.
  • The video and voice messages get deleted after 2 minutes once you have opened them. But you can change the settings to keep them forever.

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