What is Tango- How it Works/Download

Tango Messenger is a famous, downloaded over 100 million times and counting mobile app for Android operating system, software for free video calls, voice calls and chats. It does not matter where you are – everything is free, although it is naturally required some connection with the world – and that is of course an Internet connection. Tango is essentially a competitor to Skype. It is available not only on your Android device (this version of the test here), but also on iOS or Windows.


Tango features

Among the many impressive features of the communicator … no, no, once again: Among the many impressive features of the social networking service (yes! Because it is not only communicator) we have the ability to add entries to photos from their own resources or do them from the hand; You can also record a video or create a voice note. Your profile can be carried out in full sense of the word, because you can change your status, level of availability (for example in order. Only friends can see it), load the photos; comment on them, share photos. There we have a search engine friend, but thematic channels, which can be traced. The application is integrated to the famous music subscription service Spotify, and even allows you to play a mini-game.

To use this application you are not needed for setting up the account password; however, we must turn in an application our phone number as well as your name and e-mail. Then you can share the application (i.e. to send an invitation to use it) contacts with our phone book; this step can be omitted.


The program is very powerful, but it can also be a disadvantage (expansion of Tango can be seen as the confusion). What are your expectations? If you care only functions communicator to find other, more transparent applications; you do not have to use Tango, you do NOT have to go back to Skype.


There is a Tango for PC version available as well.


It is required to create an account, including the reference number.